Service commitment

My Service commitment:

1、The network connectivity: provides high-speed, secure, reliable network environment, the annual utilization rate of the network can reach 99.9%.

2、Environmental reliability: providing a carrier-class room, constant temperature and humidity, and advanced surveillance systems, fire systems.

3、Continuous power: 7 × 24 hours to ensure that electricity supply, dual power supply, smart UPS and diesel generators to ensure continued supply rate of 99.99%.

4、Emergency Report: For emergencies provide users report, contact telephone, fax, EMAIL, website.

5、Technical support and guarantee: a full range of technical support, including technical advice, monitoring, emergency notification, technical operations and services, network security, operating system security.

6、Technical operations guarantee: For user equipment related operations, the operator must be trained, the operation must be mutually recognized and carried out in accordance with procedures defined by both sides.

7、Environmental safety: 7X24-hour surveillance network connectivity and real-time alerts.

8、Complaints patency: provide complete disclosure of customer complaints system. Complaint channels including telephone, fax, EMAIL and so on.

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