• What is BGP?
  • BGP is an Internet protocol used among network operators, who can make best routing decisions for networks interconnected in the BGP Peering mode. An internet service provider must obtain an AS(Autonomous System) number from regulatory authorities to be able to take advantage of BGP. CDS currently holds two AS numbers: 38353 authorized by APNIC and 63199 authorized by ARIN.
  • Operation BGP sets the bar high for network operators. Most Chinese IDC or cloud computing service providers have neither an AS number nor the ability to operate BGP networks. Hence most so-called BGP bandwidth they claim to provide in China is “fake”. CDS on the other hand has been operating BGP networks since 1998.
  • Multi-homed BGP
  • Multi-homed BGP refers to a network operator implementing BGP Peering with other Tier-1 operators. There are only four Tier-1 operators in China: China telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and China Education Network, with all of whom CDS connects through BGP peering. Four-line BGP networking provided by CDS, one of the most prominent network operators in China, gives you the best coverage you can find in the country.
  • CDS global multi-homed BGP
  • CDS backbone networks geographically cover areas in Asia, Europe and Americas. Since CDS BGP connects with more than 1000 network operators through AS number 63199, it should be called “1000-line BGP” to be accurate. With a dedicated team professionally maintaining our BGP networks, CDS number of global peering increases on a weekly basis.
  • Why not call it “1000-line BGP” ?
  • The way we see it, CDS'BGP networking capacity can't be measured – it's that big! The fact that CDS is the only Chinese cloud compute service provider with membership in DE-CIX speaks for itself. Through direct internet exchanges, CDS constantly optimized its network structure to best meet the needs of your business – anywhere in the world!

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