• Server Colocation
    • Server colocation allows you to place your server at an Internet Service Provider's data center and share their bandwidth. The ISP conducts server management and maintenance on the client's behalf for a monthly fee. The client can remotely connect to and operate their.
  • Our Qualifications
    • Certified by both ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 in information security management.
    • Microsoft authorized full product line software rental service provider.
  • Our Resources
    • AS and BGP ring
    • Operator-level data centers covering Europe, Asia and the US.
  • Our Operations
    • More than 17 years of experience in data centers
    • Advanced operations platform
    • Multiple data centers worldwide
    • Professional trouble-shooting and support team available 24/7
  • Data center
  • Certifications
    China Telecom’s five-star IDC with ISO27001 certification in information security system
  • Location
    3F, Door 2, Building 1, Zone D, Zhaowei Industrial Park, 14 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District Beijing
  • Space
    Usable space of approximately 14000㎡, equally divided on two floors: 2F and 3F
  • Load bearing
    800 kg/㎡ for common area, and 1000 kg/㎡ for power rooms.
Floor height
  • Floor height no less than 5m, with clear height at 4.7m.
Earthquake resistance
  • Grade 8
  • 1、16 power sockets per racks
  • 2、Maximum 10A of carrying current per racks
Static free
  • Strictly grounding grid with grounding resistance no more than 1 Ω.
  • 1、600x500x2200mm half-open rack
  • 2、High wiring with separate trough for strong and weak current reduces interference
  • 3、Signal wiring on upper layer at the height of 2600 mm, with power wiring on lower layer at 2300 mm.
Power supply
  • 1、Mains supply: the substation located on 2F of Zhaowei data center is a class I facility with dual mains supply sources: Zhaowei Property 7800KVA and Chaoyang Power 14000 KVA.
  • 2、UPS: 15 sets of UPS in a fault-tolerant setup with total power up to 19060KVA can power for more than 2 hours even on maximum load.
  • 3、Diesel power generators: In addition to eight outdoor diesel generators, a telecom-level high-capacity emergency diesel power supply vehicle stands by at all times. With each generator’s output at 2050KVA, this emergency setup makes sure the data center has enough power to run even in the worst case scenario.
  • 4、A dual-circuit UPS power supply setup is used for power supply array racks and server racks for redundancy purpose, among which key power supply array racks have an extra set of such UPS supply for even greater assurance.
  • 5、Maintenance: 7x24 professional power monitoring and maintenance guarantees 99.99% power supply.

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