• Computing
    • Intel E5-2690 high-end high-density blade servers
    • 40Gb network interface among computing nodes
    • Double 8Gb FC interface with high-end storage
    • 1/8 of standby resources per cluster for extra redundancy
  • Networking
    • 60000+ km of optical fiber network worldwide
    • Global MPLS backbone network
    • Real -time network topology display
    • High-quality international dedicated connection
    • Visualized management of your global network
  • Storage
    • Stable and reliable: financial grade FC cloud storage
    • Zero data loss for five consecutive years
    • Elastic: 1G to 2T each hard disk
    • 30000 IOPS
  • Dallas: Dallas provides a central location for our data center with both geological and meteorological advantages. As the 9th largest US city, Dallas serves not only as a transportation hub, but also as a central node for trans-American network traffic and a business mecca for multiple industries.

    Los Angeles: The CDS data center is located in Los Angeles, the second largest city in the US. A center for culture, technology, higher education and international trade, LA provides a location which can serve Silicon Valley as well as Asia; allowing business to expand internationally as well as nationally.

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