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  • CDS has helped spread the gaming industry worldwide with high-performance computing and professional services. One single server can serve more concurrent users as needed through flexible configuration upgrades and bandwidth expansion.
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Rapid worldwide deployment
  • Through the 14 CDS data centers worldwide and our self-service platform, you can accomplish your international deployment within an hour and all your servers will be connected by a large L2 network.
High-performance and stability
  • To better tackle modern games’ complex data structures, high-volume network operations and high-end computing, CDS global cloud platform provides super high-performance computing, storage and networking capabilities.
Cost-efficient world wide game operation
  • When you want to test the water with your game in another country/region, you will need help in minimizing your costs in R&D, operations and migration. Fortunately, with CDS global cloud platform's flexibility and super high-performance I/O and computing, your success is just a few mouse clicks away.
Globally integrated high-performance network
  • CDS’ unique global private network (GPN) can greatly help your games succeed in other countries. Your operation and maintenance team can efficiently do their job cross data center allowing your global operations to be managed by the same team, the same way.

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